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'The Wanderers'
chapter 8



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My (current) favourite Destiel smut fics. Not all of them are PWP, but they all contain a good amount of porn. Top/Dom and Bottom/Sub have been categorized together for my own convenience (cause I’m lazy), I am aware that they’re mutually exclusive and mean different things.

1. Let Me be Your Comet (I Will Fly) by MajorEnglishEsquire - 4,200 words

Have sex with me. Could you please? Just. I need you to.”This was going to be PWP but it travels from PWP to sort of the dramatic side of fluff, if that makes any sense.

2. The Adventures of Real Anal Sex (Starring Dean and Castiel) by tiptoe399,730 words

This is how it really happened. Because this is how it really happens.

3. Who’s Counting? by Annie D (scaramouche)1,770 words

Dean learns that Castiel has zero refractory time. It’s fun, until it’s not.

4. by CloudyJenn16,000+ words

When Castiel loses his job, he resorts to making wing fetish videos to make cash. Dean really likes them


—————— Bottom/Sub!Cas: —————————————-

5. Baggage by Mikey (mikes_grrl) - 18,000 words

Dean is a lonely cab driver trying to straighten out his life since his brother left for college, and Castiel is the strange and otherworldly “escort” who snares his heart. Are daddy issues the only thing they have in common? Or is there something more to what is happening between them?

6. Something Like A Broken Heart by RhymePhile12,200 words

Dean Winchester is a Texas Ranger traveling to the town of Fort Griffin Flat, Texas, to rendezvous with the rest of his company when he meets Castiel, a prostitute in town.

7. Pretty Angel by tracy_loo_who14,900 words

Michael has a plan to break Team Free Will, and it involves turning Castiel into a rentboy.

8. Scratchmarks by Bookkbaby - 11,800 words

Sometimes, sex isn’t a goal, but a method. A method to escape, a method to forget, or a method to communicate, and Dean doubts that his future self is listening to what Cas is saying.

9. REC by Bookkbaby - 20,100 words

Then he noticed the video camera.

10. Breaking the Rules by bellacatbee - 5,070 words

Castiel has rules. Only one client at a time, meet them in a public place first to get the look of them, always trust his instincts and always use a condom. Dean Winchester has him breaking those rules from the first time they meet.

11. Sequal Put on the Red Light by bellacatbee -
7,050 words

Castiel has broken all of his rules for Dean, but Dean still wants more from him.

12. Dean/Cas, sex toys, orgasm denial
2,600 words

No description

13. Dean/Castiel, toys, light bondage, public use of toys and public sex
– 950 words

Dean is pretty sure if Cas didn’t have the vibrator in him at all times he would just drop his pants and finger himself in the middle of the street anyway. That’s what happens when you make your angel boyfriend addicted to cock.

14. All that Jazz by stoatsandwich
– 4,000+ words

No description

15. Baby I Got Your Money by saltandbyrne
4,300 words

Twinkie hooker Cas has a rough night with Dean, or does he?

16. Just Kisses by Tiptoe39 
2,330 words

Castiel’s not ready for anything beyond kisses. So Dean just kisses him. Everywhere.

17.Showing, Not Telling by zelda_zee
– 5,330 words

Dean teaches Castiel about bondage. PWP.

18. Beautiful,Dirty, Itch by Annie D (scaramouche)
– 1700 words

A very porny commentfic written for spnkink_meme. The prompt was for Dean and Castiel’s first time to include rimming.

——————- Bottom/Sub Dean: ———————————————-

19. Battery Required by sassafrascas -
1,850 words

Dean’s at the bunker alone, and he has a new toy.

20. Carry On by TamrynEradani
- 148,000 words

When Sam gets into Stanford, Dean needs a bigger paycheck than Bobby’s garage can give him. Luckily, he knows a guy.