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!!! hehehe yes a tag would be awesome! and ahmygosh i’d love to see more drawings from you, but also no pressure! and take your time replying man, it’s ok ;u; b

i’ve maybe been playing with the idea of some light smut since that seems to be coming up shortly uwu ♥

stoicdean asked: Drawing idea for you: Dean with tattoos, like all with different meanings. I get it, if you don't wanna do it, but I thought it'd be cool, and your one of my favorite tumblr artists so I figured I'd ask.

i actually have a tattoo!au with sweeps where both Dean and Cas have tattoos! i should create a tag for it so it can be followed, cause i hope to draw more for it soon ;w;

wow i see so many interesting gifs on my dash. i’m excited to watch this episode

bubblydean asked: omg you're a dean girl can we cry over him together

i certainly am and we certainly can! ;w; ♥